Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Started podcasting: The Reformation

podcastI recently decided to also start podcasting! Yeah! I know! I am not that important! Well, I decided to do it anyway! There are all these avenues to express ourselves and to spread God’s truth.

The first podcast is called The Reformation: Unleashing salvation. I wanted to have it online by last Sunday, 31 October 2010, “Reformation Day!” But, due to glitches with the hosting service that was recommended online, I had to scrap that idea. The actual episode was ready, but the hoster was not good enough!

Well, I have chosen a new hosting service, and just hope that it works out ok!

Anyway, here is my first podcast, and aptly, it is on the Reformation, a time in the church’s history that today’s evangelical church has forgotten, and that is truly sad!

If you would like to keep up to date with my podcasts, simply subscribe to this RSS feed to be reminded when new episodes are available. At this point, I have not decided whether the episodes will be produced for specific days, meaning a regular schedule, or whether I will produce them as I get time. So, be patient with me!

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