Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I will be on the The Late Debate TV programme

latedebateA while ago, I received an email from Africa Christian Action (ACA), to find out if I didn’t know about someone that would be willing to appear on The Late Debate television program on DSTV channel 331, One Gospel, which is aired at 21:00 on Wednesday nights.

The email was sent to me and a co-worker (let’s call him Greg) at the Biblical Christian Network. BCN is a prolife organization, and we organize annual Biblical worldview seminars. Well, since it was sent to Greg too, I thought that Greg would handle it, since I couldn’t think of someone off-hand, and I was convinced that Greg would know someone. Well, it seems Greg thought exactly the same! Isn’t that funny? Human nature!

Anyway, I was called by ACA today and was asked up front if I wouldn’t like to represent BCN/ACA on The Late Debate.

The program topic is Worldviews at War. The blurp on the show is as follows:

“If you are finishing school this year, or if your son or daughter is a Matriculant, then you are likely planning further studies.
In all your exciting preparations for the transition to varsity or college, don’t forget to bullet-proof your faith.

“Your worldview will soon be under fire.”

The recording at the studio is at 11:00 this coming Saturday, 6 November 2010. I would have been involved in the LifeChain organized by BCN at the same time running from 09:00-12:00. However, I see this as an opportunity to ensure that people of all kinds get to hear the importance of having a proper worldview. It is a Christian channel, so I pray that Christians will consider their own worldviews as they watch the program.

I don’t know yet when the program will air, so I will let you know.

This is the first time I will be formally on television, and I understand that this program could influence Christians (and others) right up into Africa and even some southern European areas. Therefore, I greatly desire your prayers as I prepare for Saturday and also during the recording of the show on Saturday.

As soon as I know the date of airing the episode, I will inform you.

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