About Theo-Enthumology

Theo-Enthumology is dedicated to reflecting on God and His truth as revealed in the Bible, while also looking at the modern church and how it at times deviates from God's truth.

I am a Calvinist Christian with a New Covenant Theology perspective.

The name of this blog, Theo-Enthumology, comes from two Greek words: Θεος (God) and ενθυμεομαι (to lay to heart, consider well, reflect on), hence the tag-line of the blog title: "Reflecting on my great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ."

Getting Started
In order to know what gets my juices flowing, the two best places to start would be on the right-hand panel of this blog under "My Favourite Categories" and "My Post Series." While you are on this page, here they are:

My Favourite Categories

My Post Series


New Covenant Theology Friday


Decision Making and the Will of God

New Covenant Theology

Politics and Worldview


The Bible being trivialized


Heresies in the church

Will of God

The gene and homosexuality

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