Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Blue Letter Bible for Online Bible Reading and Bible Study


I have recently discovered the usefulness of the Blue Letter Bible online and phone app (Android, iPhone) service. It is jam-packed with useful tools!

The web-based Blue Letter Bible has a lot to offer in terms of searching, studying, and reading the Bible.

  1. Search

1. Number 1 on the image above shows where you can do a simple search which can include a verse, passage, or topics.
1a. You can search for topics by selecting from the pre-defined list. It ranges from single Bible books, to ranges of Bible books.

1b. You can search for a topic by selecting a starting book, and ending book to search within.

1c. You can also search for a topic within a custom set of verses / books separated by a semi-colon (;), e.g. Gen;John;John 21.

2. You can retrieve multiple sets of verses / passages separated by a semi-colon, e.g. Ex 20:1-18;Ps 23;Philippians. This will return all the verses that you specified. From there you can copy them.

2a. You can specify how the verses / passages are ordered, how the references are delimited, how verse numbers are delimited, and more.

3.  You can do a lexicon search on a word, and it will return all the different words with your search word in it, e.g. " love" will return love, beloved, loved, lovers, clovenfooted, and more. More refinement can be done on the result page after the search. The result page provides the different words that contain love, and also the original language word with its Strong's Concordance number. When you click on the Strong's Concordance number, it gives you the meaning of the word from Hebrew (OT) or Greek (NT), and other tools related to the meaning. It also gives you all the occurrences of that word.

  1. Study

In the Study menu you will find a cornucopia of Bible study tools to assist in your Bible study.

  1. Devotionals

In the Devotionals section, you will find several devotional helps.

  1. Help

If you ever get stuck using BLB, they have a lot of help around to get you back on course.

  1. Apps & Tools

Here you will find links to the mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android, and some other useful tools. If you are serious about Bible study, you may enjoy the BLB ScriptureMark online app. With this tool you are able to do block diagramming with a passage. You can highlight, do freehand underlining, make notes and more.

Well, I think I have given you enough to look at regarding the usefulness of BLB.

I hope you give this site a chance. Perhaps you will enjoy using it.

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