New Covenant Theology

I am unashamedly a New Covenant Theology blogger, and to find out more about the subject of New Covenant Theology (NCT), start by visiting this page.

I have collected a fair amount of blog feeds related to NCT, and have created one feed that will be served by them all.

In order to follow the feed simply click on this image below or copy the link to your own feed reader:

You can also subscribe via email to receive a reminder when any of the blogs related to this feed is updated.
Subscribe to New Covenant Theology blogs by Email or use the following form:

Enter your email address:

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Lastly, you can follow a New Covenant Theology Twitter account called @NewCovTheology, that will include the feed from above in Twitter.

The following blogs/websites are already part of the feed: (let me know of others)

There are also 2 NCT groups that I know of on Facebook:

New Covenant Theology
New Covenant Grace

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