Sunday, April 17, 2022

Bible Reading Schedule to Solidify your New Testament Knowledge

I know! This is the wrong time of the year to get people to start a Bible reading schedule. Is it not meant for New Year's resolutions? Yes and No! A Bible reading schedule can be started any time of the year. As Christians, we walk in the renewing power of the Holy Spirit by grace through faith. It is a daily walk, with daily renewal. 

In less than 90 days I will start the Bible reading program I will suggest below. I wrote in the beginning of the year about some Bible reading programs that you could follow.

Bible Reading Program

One of the reading programs that I mentioned there was the John MacArthur New Testament reading program. In this program you read about 7-8 New Testament chapters a day. You will read these same chapters every day for a full month before moving on to the next chapters. I decided to make use of this method/program/schedule of reading the New Testament, but with Old Testament chapters added to the program. You will only have one Old Testament chapter to read a day, and not even everyday. This program takes 3 years and 3 months to complete. When completed, you would have read the New Testament about 30 times, and the Old Testament once!

While this is an intensive reading program that takes a long time, I do believe that your knowledge of the New Testament will grow immensely!

The reading program is available free for download.

Pick up and read! Pick up and read!

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