Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dads and Lads “Passed Thru Fire Experience” camp

This coming Thursday (29 September 2011), I am taking my son on a camp called the “Passed Thru Fire Experience.” The “Passed thru Fire Experience” is built around a series of Activities/Ordeals and Sessions addressing the 6 attributes of Courage, Self Control, Righteousness, Care for the Weak, Integrity and Obedience to godly authority – the whole event unfolds throughout the 3 days and culminates in the Passage, an incredibly profound experience for both fathers and sons.

The camp is essentially a 3 day experience, although we are arriving on Thursday and return on Sunday. We arrive at the camp on Thursday evening at 18:00 and return home just after lunch on Sunday.

The next two videos give us a glimpse of the camp.

More about the “Passed Thru Fire Experience” can be found at Heartland.

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