Thursday, January 09, 2020

My Bible Reading Plan for 2020

I haven't been blogging like I would like to, and I am sorry for that. Life has been very hectic in the last 5 years, really.

I'm a bit late in the uptake of this series of blog posts this year. Others have already written blog posts about their Bible reading programs for this year.

I have been using the YouVersion Bible app on my phone and tablet.

In 2018 I did a standard run-of-the-mill canonical reading of the Bible. That means I started in Genesis and read the Bible through in the order of the books in the Bible. This plan is simply called Read Through the Bible. I read this plan in my favourite Bible translation, the NASB (New American Standard Bible).

Last year, 2019, I read the Bible through chronologically. The plan is called Reading God's Story: One-Year Chronological Plan. For this plan I chose the CSB (Christian Standard Bible). With this plan you get a day off each week or so. However, I read the next day of the plan if a day was a rest day, and finished the plan in advance.

So, finally, this year I am reading the M'Cheyne One Year Reading Plan. I am reading this plan using the ESV (English Standard Version). Since I finished the 2019 plan in advance, I started reading this plan on 16 November 2019. In this plan you will be reading from 4 sections in the Bible at a time. For instance, the first day started with Genesis 1, Matthew 1, Ezra 1, and Acts 1. This plan doesn't have rest days, but that is how I like it.

There are many plans around and it is so easy to find a good one, and one that suits you.

You can either do your reading from a physical Bible in your favourite spot, or you can read from a Bible app on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Almost every Bible app has reading plans that you can use.  Like I said above, I have been using YouVersion. What I like about it is that it keeps track of how many days I have been reading consecutively, not skipping a day, and today I am on 788 consecutive days.

The idea with Bible reading plans is not to kill yourself doing it, but to plan to read. If you don't make a plan to read, your reading of the Bible will probably be haphazard at best. If you think that reading the Bible through in one year will be too much, there are other plans that will take you through the Bible in 2 or 3 years.

When I started reading through the Bible, it was difficult, especially in the beginning. If I was tired I would simply skip that day. However, the more I read, the more I wanted to read. Now I will not go to bed if I haven't read that day's offering, even if it is after midnight!


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