Monday, December 29, 2014

My Top 10 Books of 2014

It is nearly the end of the year. For some it was a year of successes and triumphs and for others it was a year of failures or disappointments!  The same goes for reading. Some books are triumphant books (the ones we finish) and others we fail at (the ones we do not finish)!




Ranking Title Author
10 Day of the Vipers (Star Trek Terok Nor Book 1)  James Swallow

True to Star Trek nature, this book has a lot of names and places to keep track of. Yet, it is not difficult to keep up. For those who are Star Trek fans, this will be an enjoyable book with action, intrigue and sadly, loss. It highlights the very thing happening in the world today, in which governments are more and more turning their backs on religion. In the book, freedom of religion is important, showing one government in the process of ridding its planet of religion, while another welcomes religion. Indeed an interesting story!

Completed: 16 January 2014

9 Francis Schaeffer  Mostyn Roberts

Francis Schaeffer is one of the 20th century’s greatest influencers towards thinking Christianity. To him, Christianity was not simply a form of mysticism, and neither was it a leap of faith into the unknown. To Francis Schaeffer, Christianity was rational—not rationalistic. Christianity had all the answers to life’s big questions, and Schaeffer did not shy away from answering those questions. (Short review)

Completed: 26 March 2014

8 Anne Boleyn: One Short Life That Changed the English-Speaking World  Colin Hamer

This book was well written and is easy to follow. The history of Anne Boleyn is well portrayed and myths and fiction surrounding her are cleared up. It is not a thick book and as such is a good introduction into the life of Anne Boleyn.
It is certainly a good read for those who are interested in history, especially surrounding the entry of the Reformation in England and the huge role Anne Boleyn played in securing a strong foothold for the Reformation in England.

Completed: 11 June 2014

7 What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur'an  James R. White

In a time such as the one we find ourselves in, where liberals make all kinds of false claims concerning how Islam is a religion of peace and many more claims, James R. White lays bare the Qur’an and shows how weak the book really is.

Completed: 10 July 2014

6 The Atonement: Its Meaning and Significance  Leon Morris

Morris shows us that the atonement is not just single faceted, but multifaceted. When we speak of justification, we are touching on one of the facets of the atonement. When we speak of propitiation, we touch on another facet. It is an easy book to read, and is suitable for many different audiences.

Completed: 23 February 2014

5 Our Sovereign Saviour: The Essence of the Reformed Faith  Roger Nicole

A very concise handling of the sovereignty of God in salvation.

Completed: 30 November 2014

4 Abraham's Four Seeds   John G. Reisinger 

This is an excellent book on New Covenant Theology. It breaks down the wrong ideas held by Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology and provides a simple yet profound, direct interpretation of the Scriptures. It does become a little repetitive at times, but is well worth the effort to read it.

Completed: 5 September 2014

3 The Canon of Scripture   F.F. Bruce

F.F. Bruce gives a very good analysis of the canon of Scripture and how it came together. Well worth the time spent reading it. Bruce deals with both Old and New Testaments. I enjoyed every facet of the book and especially how he dealt with weird compilers of what should be in the NT such as Marcion's NT and others like him. For those that enjoy history, this will give a good idea of how our canon of Scripture came about.

Completed: 29 June 2014

2 According to Plan  Graeme Goldsworthy

Very few writers can make Biblical Theology come alive like Goldsworthy. That is why an introduction to the subject—such as this is—for the every day Christian is so important. It can be a daunting task, but Graeme Goldsworthy opens it up for ordinary minds to enjoy!

Completed: 21 July 2014


1 A Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy: Three Essential Books in One Volume Francis A. Schaeffer

The three books in this trilogy are the foundation to Francis Schaeffer's thinking. If all you read of Francis Schaeffer, then it should be this trilogy. I have now read this trilogy twice, and it is just as captivating as it was the first time! A must read!

Completed: 31 August 2014 (Also read it in 1998)


So, there is my list of the best books I read in 2014! I hope that if you haven’t yet read any of these books, that you would get one or two (or more) of these to read. If you only want to buy one of these books, I would recommend my number one without reservation!

Here are a few others that did not make it onto my list, but that at least deserve a mention, in no particular order:

Enjoy preparing for your reading schedule of 2015!

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