Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is the WOF movement from God?

According to this guy in Charisma News, you would think that the Word of Faith movement was the next step in God’s restoration of His church, something akin to the Reformation!

The problem that I have with Tom Brown’s defence of the WOF heresy, is that he deals with a very small part of the heresy: the name-it-and-claim-it part. And then he softens that part to look like the everyday variety of faith that WOF is supposed to be restoring to the church.

I wrote a series of blog posts on this heresy back in 2005. I simply called it “Heresies in the church.” In this series you will discover the complete destructiveness of the many heresies that the WOF guys preach. They mess the atonement of Christ up completely, claim that He took on the nature of Satan on the cross, also that Jesus had to be saved in hell, Jesus had to be born again just like you and I had to, that Christians are Gods just like Jesus.

It is clear that these preachers, of which there are many, are preaching a false gospel, and according to Paul, they are cursed and hence not from God!

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