Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Leon Morris on The Atonement: Access

slain-lamb“Our sins separate us from God (Is. 59:2). We have no way of remedying the situation. But Christ has opened for his people the way into the very presence of God. This does not mean an occasional access. Christians live day by day in the assurance that the way into the presence of God is open wide. They need the mediation of no earthly priest. Indeed, now all of life is lived in God’s presence. This is the most important truth for the average Christian. The average person is just that – average. He or she has no great importance in the eyes of the world. Indeed that is one of life’s frustrations. When an injustice is done to us we have no access to the great ones who might put things right. We are continually pushed around by low-grade bureaucrats and kept in our place by office receptionists. It is possible to spend hours awaiting the pleasure of some subordinate official. This is part of life and if anything can be done about it I do not know what it is. But believers have access where it really counts. Christ’s fulfilment of the Day of Atonement ceremonies has opened up the way into the presence of God for the humblest of his people. Nothing on earth can take away what it means in terms of prayer and of companionship.” (Leon Morris, The Atonement: Its Meaning & Significance, IVP Academic, Downers Grove, IL, 1983, p87)

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