Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas is from the devil and all such mythical declarations

Every Christmas a slew of well meaning Christians—I hope—come out of the woodwork to declare Christmas a pagan celebration and that Christians should not celebrate it. I’ve been through this whole saga too many years ago, but thank God He saved me from such nonsense. Of course, many of these mythical notions about Christmas started with Alexander Hislop’s book, The Two Babylons, which by the way has been debunked thoroughly. And many still accept this book as the bible on all things Christmas, etc.

Just to enlighten those that still think that Christmas is going to send us straight to hell, here are two articles on the matter that is worth reading:
Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Christmas and Sol Invictus by Joseph Abrahamson. A quote:

“Remember first that the Christian faith is as old as the curse on Satan in Genesis 3:15. And while pagan worship of the sun certainly existed in Rome before the spread of the fulfillment of that promise in Christ came to the city; the celebration of Sol Invictus as a god in Rome actually came as pagans attempted to suppress Christianity. This early attempt as suppressing Christianity by means of the pagan worship of Sol is found in the Historia Augusta, a pagan history of Rome compiled in the fourth century AD.”

The other article is Was Jesus Born on 25 December? by Peter Hammond. A quote from Hammond:

“It is true that one Roman Emperor, Aurelian, did attempt to inaugurate 25 Dec. as a pagan festival "the birth of the unconquered Sun." This was in AD 274. Aurelian was attempting to breathe new life into a declining paganism devastated by the advances of Christianity. However, the Roman pagan festival was instituted after the Christians had already been celebrating the birth of Christ on that day for many decades. Their pagan festival was an attempt to create an alternative tradition, which already was associated with the birth of Christ, and of some significance to the Roman Christians. This is not a case of Christians imitating the pagans. The pagans were attempting to imitate the Christians, by celebrating the Sun on the day when Christians celebrated the Son of God.”

May you have a
Merry Christmas!

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