Saturday, March 02, 2013

Local radio station presenter claims giving blood will infuse receiver with blood of Jesus

I wasn't sure how to write the subject of this post, but there it is!

Sitting here in hospital, I was busy reading and decided to listen to music, and one of the channels provided by the hospital is Impact Radio, a local Christian radio station in Pretoria. I usually don't listen to them (or any other radio station).

So,  there I was listening at about 13:15. The presenters are at a blood drive and the female presenter said that as Christians we should give blood, since when the recipient receives the blood, he will be infused with the blood of Jesus! Then, instead of rebuking her for blatant heretical nonsense, the male presenter said that she just spoke about a very deep spiritual truth.

I don't know how they select their presenters, but what these two said was blatant nonsense! It is definitely not a Biblical idea and  seems to me that these two have a sense of the blood of Christ as literally flowing in their veins and that they see the blood of Christ as some magical talisman that just needs to be infused into a person to change his life.

This is not the gospel, part of the gospel or even remotely related to the gospel!

The same station also promotes and hosts programs by some of these heretics!

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