Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming to grips with the will of God

In the heart of every Christian is the yearning to please God, especially to do His will. It strikes fear in the heart of many Christians to think that they may be "outside" the will of God for their lives.

Geoff Volker from In-Depth Studies has done a series of videos dealing with decision making and the will of God, and it is well worth watching these teachings. So, here they are!

Decision making & the will of God is around 2hrs 7min.

The following three videos include Paul Honeycutt in discussion with Geoff Volker.

Sorting out the will of God: Episode 1 is almost 26min long.

Sorting Out The Will Of God: Episode 2 is just over 29min long.

Sorting Out The Will Of God: Episode 3 is 28 and a half minutes long.

I have written some posts on this topic before, which you can find at the Decision Making tag.

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