Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Is God culpable for evil that He knows will take place?

Greg KouklThe question of evil is not a modern question. It is as old as the ages. It has probably been on your mind too!

In an article at STR (Stand to Reason), Greg Koukl wrote about this very question:

“This is not merely a problem for Christians. It is a problem for non-Christians as well. I have stated in the past that I think one of the best arguments for the existence of God is the presence of evil in the world. One way I can demonstrate that is to ask the non-Christian that raises this question, do you believe there is evil in the world? They must believe it because that's what prompts the question they are raising.

“Then I ask them to tell me, as a non-Christian, where it comes from. Secondly, tell me where good came from. Thirdly, tell me how you distinguish between good and evil. Those are very thorny problems of which the Christian only has to answer one, but the non-Christian has to answer three. This is a philosophical question that applies to all people, it's not a drawback on the Christian religion, it is a drawback of life. It's a comment more on life than religion.”

To read more about what Greg has to say about this question, continue here...

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