Thursday, May 17, 2012

What is New Covenant Theology?

WhatisNCTI received A. Blake White’s new introductory volume entitled, “What is New Covenant Theology? An Introduction,” today. The link to the book takes you to Blake’s blog, so you can read more from his side. The Table of Contents is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – One Plan of God Centered in Jesus Christ
  • Chapter 2 – The Old Testament Should Be Interpreted in Light of the New Testament
  • Chapter 3 – The Old Covenant Was Temporary by Divine Design
  • Chapter 4 – The Law Is a Unit
  • Chapter 5 – Christians Are Not Under the Law of Moses, but the ‘Law’ of Christ
  • Chapter 6 – All Members of the New Covenant Community Have the Holy Spirit
  • Chapter 7 – The Church Is the Eschatological Israel
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Reading

It is not a thick book, and it is very easy to read. I am not a fast reader, yet I finished the book in 1.5 hours. It must be remembered that this is an introduction to New Covenant Theology (NCT), and not a PhD dissertation. As such, it may or may not answer all your questions, but it definitely gets you off on the right track.

One of the golden threads right through the book is to remind us that all of Scripture should be interpreted in the light of its main character, which is Jesus Christ and His saving work!

The story of the Bible is not the story of the covenant of grace; nor is it the story of Israel. The Bible is the story of God’s work in history to sum up all things in Christ. New Covenant Theology strives to keep this one plan of God—centered in Jesus Christ—primary.” (p7)

It is well worth buying this book, as it uses the smallest amount of space, to pack an important subject as NCT, in language that is understandable to all.

To learn more about New Covenant Theology, please visit my blog series, NCT Friday, at my previous blog.

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