Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mike Licona in South Africa in September

mike_licona“Mike Licona is the Apologetics Coordinator at the North American Mission Board and Research Professor of New Testament at Southern Evangelical Seminary. He was interviewed by Lee Strobel in his book The Case for the Real Jesus and appeared in Strobel's video The Case for Christ. He has engaged in public debate on Jesus' resurrection with Bart Ehrman (UNC), Elaine Pagels (Princeton), and numerous others. He is the author of The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach (IVP Academic, 2010), Paul Meets Muhammad (Baker, 2006), co-author with Gary Habermas of the award-winning book The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus (Kregel, 2004), and co-editor with William Dembski of Evidence for God: 50 Arguments for Faith from the Bible, History, Philosophy, and Science (Baker, 2010). Mike has a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies which he completed "with distinction" from the University of Pretoria. He is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the Institute for Biblical Research, and the Society of Biblical Literature. Mike is a frequent speaker on university campuses, churches, and has appeared on countless radio and television programs.” (Risen Jesus)

Dr. Mike Licona will be in Pretoria, South Africa from 18-26 September 2011. To find out where he will be speaking and for the debate, read about it here.

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