Saturday, May 28, 2011

John Piper interviews Rick Warren on doctrine

John Piper interviewed Rick Warren on his doctrinal stance on 1 May 2011. The video below is about one and a half hours long, so it is a long download. It is a very interesting interview, and some of Warren's answers are interesting, even surprising!

If your internet connection is like mine, and it just feels like it is going to take a week to download, then you also probably do not have the patience to wait that long to watch this video. There is a solution, and that is the transcript of this interview!

1. 1 June 2011 -Tim Challies has written a thought provoking short analysis of this interview.
2. 1 June 2011 - Frank Turk, of PyroManiacs fame, has written "[another] Open Letter to John Piper," and it covers the interview directly.

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