Monday, January 10, 2011

Do you entertain worldly passions more than Godly passions?

Phil Johnson, head honcho of the PyroManiacs, wrote a very interesting piece about our passions. Do we get more excited about our favourite sports team, celebrities and the like, than about God and celebrating His glory?

It is definitely worth reading, and by the way, don’t dismiss it off-hand, thinking that you are not like that. Rather spend time reading his “The Bizarre Passions of Worldly Culture, and Why They are Incompatible with a True Passion for God's Glory,” giving it some serious thought.

Just to get you thinking in the right direction, John Piper asked the students at the Passion 2011 conference: “Do you feel more loved by God because He makes much of you or because He enables you to make much of Him?”

Piper explained that

“[i]f students respond they love God because He makes much of them, that is idolatry, said Piper. It means that they put themselves as the foundation of their joy.”

You can continue reading Michelle A. Vu’s news article on Piper’s sermon at the conference here.

Watch the clip (10:00 minutes) of Piper’s words below:

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