Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Late Debate TV recording happens today


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As you have read previously on my blog, I am to appear on The Late Debate, a One Gospel program on DSTV channel 331, as a panellist. It was first on for 31 October 2010, but then it was cancelled, then it was re-scheduled for this coming Saturday, 27 November 2010.

But, as you know, or at least as I am learning right now, things can change rapidly in the television world. The fact is, another TV show’s recording for today (25 November 2010) had been cancelled, and as a result, the recording of The Late Debate will happen this afternoon at 17:00. The panellists must be there at 16:00 for make-up and preliminaries.

I will keep you informed, so that those that do have DSTV, with the One Gospel channel, could watch the show when it is aired.

Please pray that this specific episode, “Worldviews at War,” will be of help to Christian students that will leave for university for the first time in February next year, and also for the parents of those students. Of course, it could also be of help to any other Christian. What triggered this specific episode can be read about at my post, “The statistics driven church.”

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