Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Theology FAIL: Know your heretics

Heretics of the modern era.

One of my main clarion calls to the church has been to pursue purity of doctrine. As you will find out from my own blog, one of my favourite series is Heresies in the church, which takes the doctrines of the Word-of-Faith crowd and compares it with the Scriptures.

Further, one of my favourite categories in my blogging is that of heresy, and what it is doing to the church. It is because of this that I feel that truth in the preaching of the gospel is so essential.

Christians fail to break away from false teaching only because they do not take the Bible seriously and because they ignore church history and its battles against the many heresies over the centuries. We all know what happens when we ignore history... We are simply doomed to repeat it!

Justin Holcomb has done a series of introductory articles on some of the heretics that the church encountered over the years in a series called Know Your Heretics. Heretics such as Marcion, Arius, Sabellus and Pelagius.

HT: Justin Taylor

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