Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kidults: Adults that fail to grow up

Dr. Albert Mohler
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"Failure to launch." 

That is the phrase used these days for adults, or rather kidults that fail to grow up into mature adults. The issue of "Failing to launch" is reaching major proportions and will still be discussed for a long time!

Dr. Al Mohler writes,
"The reason for this [discussion] becomes clear once you read the essay. Henig lets her readers understand the scale of the issue — we are not talking about a passing phenomenon that is linked to the economic recession. We are talking about a major change in the way young people move toward adulthood . . . if they are moving toward adulthood."

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Many years ago children dreamt of growing up and becoming responsible with jobs and families. Today kidults dream of eternal childhood and never reach the 5 milestones at age 30 by which adult status is measured:
  1. Completing school,
  2. Leaving home,
  3. Getting married,
  4. Having children, and
  5. Financial independence.
Dr. Mohler continues,
"The attention now given to 'emerging adulthood' parallels the rise of adolescence early in the twentieth century. Sociologists, psychologists, educators, and a host of others began to argue for the recognition of adolescence as a distinct and essential life stage. This led to a host of legal, educational, and cultural accommodations. Now, the same recognition is urged for 'emerging adulthood.'"
Of course, the idea of adolescence (teenagers) is a modern phenomenon. What it really means is that adulthood is delayed.

Dr. Mohler urges Christians to look at this issue with great concern! Read the rest of Dr. Mohler's commentary here. Dr. Mohler's updates are also available via Twitter.

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